Parent’s Instruction

1. Parents and guardians of the students are instructed to send their children in proper, neat, and tidy school uniform with shoes especially boys.

2. Parents, Guardians, and the general public are instructed to park their vehicles outside the school compound just opposite the school gate on the west.

3. Parents, Guardians, and students are strictly prohibited to use the eastern gate of the school campus leads to Girls High School for coming in and going out of the campus.

4. Parents Guardians and visitors will not directly enter the classroom during school hours (first they will communicate
through school authorities) without school authorities’ permission.

5. Parents Guardians and students should note that timings for payment of fees issue of different certificates S.S.C. work and miscellaneous work is fixed and such timings are notified and exhibited. They should observe the timings and should not insist on getting such work done beyond the scheduled time.

6. Parents, Guardians and visitors will please note that visiting hours for the Principal, from 11.00 am to 12.00 noon every day except for Friday and Saturday.

7. Students are requested to do the classwork and homework properly and regularly.

8. Students should not roam or loiter on the school campus.

9. Students should observe and maintain discipline both in class. the room outside the classroom.

10. Students instructed to use the New Gate for Entry & Exit from the school

11. Students should not misbehave or argue unnecessarily with the watchman and Peons.

12. Students are Instructed to use the south wall portion of the school building for a cycle stand.

13. During school hours students will not be allowed to leave the classrooms.

14. Disciplinary action will be taken against the student found disobeying the instructions applicable to them.

15. Parents Guardians and visitors are requested to strictly follow the instructions applicable to them.

16. The school authorities have the right to cut the hair of boys if they are not in Soldier cut style.


1) The Principal can be interviewed between 11 am. to 12 noon on all school days or by special appointment.

2) Parents are expected to play their part in inculcating regular work habits and discipline. They should see that the children prepare their lessons which ought to be noted down by the students in the higher classes, devote 2 to 3 hours daily to study.

3) Parents are informed that occasionally the teachers send reports and messages in the Calendar Progress Report are issued after each examination Parents are particularly requested to sign such reports and messages. Failure to do so may put their children to great inconvenience.

4) Private tuition is discouraged and should be resorted to only after consulting the Principal. School teachers may be engaged through the Principal.

5) Parents and Guardians should bring any complaints they may have to the Principal and to the Teacher.

6) Parents, Guardian, and others may not see students or Interview their teachers during school hours without the permission of the


M.C.E. Society’s