In 1927, the school was shifted over to its present building constructed on a part of the 23 acres of land bought by the magnificent donation of the late Haji Gulam Mohd. Azam, a great social worker, and a philanthropist. During the tenure of the first Head Master, K. B. Hidayatullah, the school had reached the dizzy heights of fame and reputation.

This attracted students from different communities and far – off places as a beacon does to ships. The standard of education was matched by very few schools, if at all, is evident from the fact that a majority of the students who passed matriculation, could achieve prominent positions in the careers they opted for. Their success speaks of the virtues and abilities imbibed in them while they received education in the school. The all-round development to the personalities of the students was considered an inseparable part of the education being imparted in the school.

o this end, different extracurricular activities, sports, and games were organized right from the beginning. The cricket team of the school was dreaded by many of its rival teams. The last decade saw a revival of the high standard and position once enjoyed by our team. Anglo Urdu Boys High School & jr. College was run by the British Government before the Independence, but thereafter it ceased to receive the govt. aid and therefore, the Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society when it took over the school had to depend entirely on the small amounts of donation it received from its patrons, Old Boys, and members of the society. Those turbulent times during which the Management could hardly meet with even the most necessary expenses of the school continued for quite a few decades until the govt. grant restored in 1972.

Anglo Urdu Boys High school and Junior College is a living and pulsating entity, and not a structure of mere concrete or stone blocks, static, unchanging. As such, it has undergone much drastic change since its establishment and, in course of time, the fact which has emerged as an undeniable reality is that the school has kept itself abreast of time.