Computer Lab


The Computer was born to solve a problem that did not exist before;

Facilities of the Lab:

* School is providing, the Internet enables computer lab with over 3 computers to meet the students & Information Technology needs.                             • Trained and experienced teachers provide both theoretical and practical lessons for students to help them navigate a rapidly changing technology-driven world.
• There are a variety of specialized educational programs also installed in the computers.
• Students may work in the lab on subject-related projects, under the supervision of respective subject teachers.

Rules & Regulations:


All students are required to adhere to the following Computer Lab rules below in order to maintain the integrity of the equipment in a clean and orderly environment.
• Strict discipline to be followed.
• No eating, drinking, or chewing gum in the computer lab.
• No surfing the Internet or going to unauthorized sites in the lab.
• No game playing is allowed in the lab.