1. Every candidate for admission must be introduced in person by the parents who will be responsible for the child to the Principal.

2. A student coming from any other recognized schools must produce a Leaving Certificate and mark sheet from the school. The leaving certificate from outside Maharashtra must be countersigned by the proper educational authorities.

3. Parents or guardians seeking admission for their children for the new academic year. Which starts in the month of June are required to submit the following documents

i.e.-1) Report card of the previous school

2) Leaving certificate

3) Aadhar card

4. No leaving certificate will be issued unless the parent or guardian makes a request in writing in the prescribed format.

5. Minimum 30 days & notice is required for the withdrawal of the student from the school.

6. Regular attendance is one of the conditions under which a child is admitted.



Parents and pupils should keep in mind the following Principles of discipline as laid down in the secondary school code (Rule 56 revised S.S. code)

1. First and most important, regularity and Implicit Obedience are expected in the school.

2. Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct, as well as cleanliness of dress and person, are included.

3. Pupils should realize that they are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behavior outside. Any objectionable behavior correctly or observed out of the school on the part of the pupils shall make them liable to disciplinary action.

4. A pupil who consecutively fails twice in the same standard is liable to be asked to leave the school.

5. Parents have to understand that they cannot dictate the management. Management has the right to say on what condition to admit or retain pupils in school provided such conditions are conformed with the S.S.C code.

6. No leave of absence is granted except on previous written application from the parents or guardian and only for serious the reason which should be mentioned Absence without leave renders a child liable for punishment.

7. A student who has been suffering from any infectious disease must bring a doctor’s certificate declaring that fit to go to a school without danger to the infection to others.

8.If the candidate is absent for more than 2 days due to illness, has to be brought to the notice of the principal along with the medical certificate.

9. Pupils must look after their own things. The school will not be responsible for books, money, mobile, cycle, and any articles that strictly not allowed. are lost. The wearing of rings, nose rings gold jewelry are not allowed.

10. All kinds of damage done to the premises will have to be rectified made good by the defaulter according to the directives of the principal.

11. Parents are requested not to take their children away from school before the school is over except in case of an emergency in which permission should be obtained in writing.

12. Absence from any examination will be allowed only on a medical certificate from a registered practitioner this should be invariably accompanied by a covering letter from the student concerned.

13. Students must be dressed up in the proper school uniform, an untidy appearance and in complete uniform will not be entertained.

14. Regular attendance and study habits prompt obedience, courtesy in speech, and conduct cleanliness of dress and person employees of the school. Such as peons etc. must be punishable.

Calendar Rules:

• Calendar must bring to school daily and should be maintained carefully
• Students will not be allowed in the class without a calendar.
• Parents should check their ward calendar daily without fail.
• A student who mutilates or losses his calendar will have to pay a fine of 25/-

School Uniform and hair cut:

1. Students must come in proper uniform. A stylish haircut is not allowed in the classroom. They will be sent home without prior intimation in which case the school disclaims all responsibility.

2. Boys must have the soldier cut hairstyle

3. Girls must have a white hairband and two plaits neatly tied up. Girls: Plain blue color salwar, blue strips kurta, and plain blue dupatta, belt (white scarf Optional) blue socks & black shoes. Boys: Blue strips, shirt blue paint, belt, tie, blue socks & black shoes.

Test and Examination:

* Continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) has been adopted to ensure that not only intellectual development but also the physical and emotional development of the child is achieved (V -VIII)
* Each child is assessed to important aspects

i) Formative evaluation    ii) Summative evaluation

* Two semester and two units test will be conducted.